Party Themes for Adults

Planning a party with friends? Take your next gathering to the next level with one of these party theme ideas for adults! Party themes allow you and your guests to dress up in costumes, provide some great ideas for food and drinks, and help you plan games or activities. Here are just a few theme ideas to help you organize your next party:

1920’s Party Ideas
Officially a century ago, the “roaring ‘20s” were a period of elegance, excess and partying (think The Great Gatsby), which makes for the perfect party theme. Invite guests to your party with 1920’s themed invitations

Dress to the nines in iconic 1920s fashions, like flapper dresses and tuxedos, and maybe consider a wig with a classic bob cut. Ladies could add some long beaded necklaces and a classic feathered headband to their outfits and men could wear a fedora to really complete the style.
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Think black and gold Art Deco-style decorations. Create elaborate centerpieces with large feathers and jewelry and add black, gold, and white balloon arches. Nothing is too extravagant and over-the-top! Serve up some popular drinks from the time period such as the Gin Rickey or the Old Fashioned, and remember to get plenty of champagne. Throw on some old Jazz tunes from the 20s to complete the atmosphere.

James Bond, 007 Theme Party Ideas
James Bond’s adventures through decades of film have taken place all over the globe and during each of the four seasons. This gives you almost endless inspiration for your James Bond, 007 Theme Party. Host a tropical Bond party based on Dr. No or Thunderball, or an Asian-inspired Bond party modeled after You Only Live Twice. Or check out some casino themed invitations for your Mediterranean Casino-based party for Casino Royale.
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Set up a martini bar, serving “shaken, not stirred“ cocktails to your guests. Party music selections should be easy, as almost every Bond film has had its theme song performed by a famous pop star. Build out a playlist with the different themes and throw in some other spy-themed music as well. 

Base your costumes on your favorite Bond characters - a Classic Tuxedo and Bow Tie or your favorite Bond Girl apparel.  

1950s Theme Ideas
Hip or square, we all imagine the 50s in different ways: I Love Lucy springs to mind for some, while others go straight to Elvis when reflecting on America's Golden Age. Nostalgia for the 50s is party planning gold! Cocktail parties, birthdays or dinners--no matter the event, the 50s can inspire your decorations, dress, activities, and food and drink. 
TV Shows and Movies with 50s themes like Grease, and Back to the Future can help inspire your costumes. Think “The Fonz”: black or white Converse sneakers, black or blue jeans with the cuffs rolled up, a simple black or white T-shirt, a black leather jacket, and a ducktail hairstyle held in place with lots of gel. Accessorize with a black plastic comb in your back pocket and a pack of cigarettes (or pack of playing cards) rolled into the sleeve of your T-shirt.
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Ladies, get inspired by The Pink Ladies from Grease. Don't forget lots of bold red lipstick, hairspray and high black heels. Or go with the classic poodle skirt with white Keds, white ankle socks, a ribbon headband and your best guy's varsity letter sweater slung over your shoulders will be just peachy. Don’t forget the cat-eye glasses!
To liven your party and engage your guests in the 50s festivities, consider holding a Hula Hoop contest to see who can keep it spinning the longest. For decorations, food, and drink, recreate the 50s Diner! Grill up some burgers and hot dogs, serve Root Beer floats, and be sure to have a blender for making malts so that you can really be the host/est with the most/est.

Black Tie Bash Party Ideas
A great summer cocktail party idea is a Black Tie Bash. Typical “Black Tie” events can sometimes be stuffy affairs with more emphasis placed on decorum than on enjoyment. A younger, crazier descendant of the Black Tie event, the Black Tie Bash is a purely fun event, giving you an opportunity to drag that prom or wedding attire that you never thought you’d wear again out of the closet, get your updo done, and make a grand appearance.
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Instead of pouring your party budget into expensive champagne and elaborate finger food, serve simple, inexpensive comfort food. French fries with ketchup. Pigs in a blanket. Meatballs. Chicken fingers. And yes, definitely some macaroni & cheese. Keep the alcohol selection basic, and serve drinks in red plastic cups. There’s nothing more deliciously fun than breaking the “party rules” and eating popcorn in an “I never get to wear this” dress! 

1980s Theme Party Ideas
The 80s were all about big hair, bright neon colors, and the rise of the music video. The decade that brought such iconic movies as Beetlejuice, The Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters, Top Gun, ET, and Back to the Future was also responsible for advances like The Walkman, Chicken McNuggets, The Space Shuttle, and Cell Phones. When you’re planning a 1980s Theme Party, there is so much inspiration to work with! Start with some 80s themed party invitations!

Ladies, break out the leg warmers, big shoulder pads, windbreakers, cut-off sweatshirts, and giant scrunchies. Make sure to find lots of neon colors and throw in a side ponytail to complete the look. Guys - go for preppy polo shirts and popped collars, rock the acid-washed denim and “hypercolor” t-shirts, or “hairband”-inspired leather, animal print, and glam rock makeup.
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To decorate, more is more! Bright neon colors, glow sticks, glitter on your tables, boom boxes, cassette tapes, polaroid cameras - you name it! Whatever you decide, let it be big and bold!

80s music was totally rad, so make sure you’ll have the top of the charts covered—Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, U2, Billy Joel, Cindy Lauper, and Bon Jovi are a great start. Or, organize a “One Hit Wonder” contest for your guests to see who can come up with the best “Oh! I forgot about that song” submission. 

Bringing friends together for a party is always a great idea. Host a theme party with one of these unique party ideas and you’ll pull together a fun event that your friends will be talking about for years to come! 

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