Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday Theme

Planning your child’s first birthday can be a daunting task. To make it easier, pick a theme that incorporates their favorite bedtime storybook such as, A Tale of Peter Rabbit. A Peter Rabbit 1st birthday theme is perfect for a child who loves everything about the world of Peter Rabbit.
This party theme is whimsical and can be incorporated into all aspects of your celebration. Here are some easy Peter Rabbit 1st birthday ideas to help you start planning:
  • Invitations: For your party Peter Rabbit invitations, make sure to tie the Peter Rabbit theme into the design and wording. To do this, choose a design that incorporates the Peter Rabbit colors: light blue, orange, light green, and white. Also make sure to include a picture of Peter Rabbit somewhere on the invite. For the invitation wording, be creative and use Peter Rabbit references such as, “Peter Rabbit invites you to join us for some fun because [NAME] is turning 1!”
  • Decorations: Balloons are an easy way to add to your Peter Rabbit theme party décor. Purchase light blue and light green balloons to arrange in bundles around your party space. Include one Peter Rabbit foil balloon in each of the bundles. For the tables, decorate them with garden inspired items from the story. For example, terra cotta pots filled with carrots and watering cans filled with fresh flowers are the perfect touch. For flatware, try to find Peter Rabbit plates and cups. If you can’t find them, stick with solid blue flatware instead.
  • Party Food: For your Peter Rabbit party menu, use lots of vegetables and fresh ingredients. Have a vegetable platter with hummus for dipping, fresh fruit skewers, a mixed green salad, pretzels, homemade guacamole and chips, and a black bean salad. Make the Peter Rabbit birthday cake a carrot cake. Decorate the cake with a Peter Rabbit cake topper and a frosting carrot. If you don’t want to serve cake, make cupcakes using the same idea. In addition to cake, also offer additional sweets like rabbit-shaped sugar cookies, brownies, and chocolate candies.
  • Activities: A fantastic Peter Rabbit birthday activity is to host a carrot hunt in Mr. McGregors’s Garden. Similar to a scavenger hunt, hide plastic hollow carrots filled with candy in your backyard. Then, let the children look for the hidden carrots in Mr. McGregor’s garden as fast as they can. Another activity you can include at the party is a reading of the classic Peter Rabbit book.
  • Party Favors: A party is not complete without party favors. Use your Peter Rabbit theme as a starting point to help you decide what to give your guests. A few ideas include bubbles, the Peter Rabbit book, a Peter Rabbit stuffed animal, or bunny ears. You can also be more creative by giving each guest a small watering can filled with a packet of flower seeds. This is a wonderful gift to give the parents and kids because it something they can do together after the party is over.
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