Plan a Dazzling Princess Jasmine Party

Plan a dazzling Princess Jasmine party, starting with a beautiful online invitation to set the scene. Punchbowl offers exclusive online invitations for Disney-themed parties, including this invitation featuring a sparkling, bejeweled Princess Jasmine holding a magical lamp. The envelope liner matches the teal and gold colors throughout the invitation, and the stamp features Jasmine and her tiger friend, Rajah. This free Princess Jasmine invitation is sure to delight your guests and add some Disney magic to any event!

Free Princess Jasmine Online Invitation

Customize this charming invitation with the guest of honor’s name, party date, time, location, and any other details your guests should know. Once it’s perfect, you can quickly and easily share your invitations via email or social media.

After sending your Princess Jasmine birthday party invitations, you can turn your attention to creating the perfect day. From plates and cutlery to activities and favors, choose from a large selection of Disney-themed party supplies. Solid-colored party supplies in blue and purple are also an easy way to coordinate – find it all right here at

Here are more ideas to help add some magic to your Princess Jasmine birthday party:

  • Play Musical Magic Carpet: Similar to a game of “musical chairs,” have each child start out standing on a magic carpet (you can get carpet samples from a flooring or carpet shop – or make your own with paper). Remove one magic carpet as you start the music. Stop the music periodically, and whoever is left without a magic carpet is out. Repeat this process until there is one child left standing on a magic carpet.  He or she is the winner!  Have a few small prizes on hand (stickers, plastic jewelry, or candy).
  • Create fabulous fans:  Make fans fit for royalty. Provide markers, stickers, and colored paper. After the kids finish coloring and designing their fans, have them fold the paper like accordions. Fasten one end with tape and start fanning!
  • Serve themed food: No Disney Princess party would be complete without magical snacks and beverages! Have fun naming and labeling all of your Jasmine-inspired food. Use star-shaped cookie cutters to make “Arabian Nights” star sandwiches. Fill a large glass drink dispenser with lemonade and label it “Genie Juice.”  Get creative with fruit by providing bowls of “Aladdin’s Apples” and “Rajah’s Raspberries.”

Start planning your party today by creating your free Princess Jasmine online invitation. Be sure to visit Disney Family for even more magical Disney Princess party ideas. 

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