Plan a Turbo-Tastic Wreck It Ralph Birthday Party

Host a dynamite birthday party with a Wreck It Ralph theme! Get a start on party planning with this free Wreck It Ralph online invitation featuring Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz from Ralph Breaks the Internet.
Customize your invite with important information your guests need to know – location, date, time, and any other details you want to include. Once you’ve personalized your design, you can easily share your invitations with guests via email and social media. After you send your invites, you can start planning a one-of-a-kind Wreck It Ralph themed birthday party!
Here are a few exciting ideas for a Wreck It Ralph birthday party to get you started:
  • Party Decoration: When decorating for your Wreck It Ralph themed birthday party try to incorporate arcade style decoration. Create an arcade feel by incorporating decorations like pixel style font. As an added touch, display brick backdrops throughout your party space to really tie the theme together
  • Build Your Own Candy Race Kart: Incorporate the Sugar Rush theme into fun party activities. Have guests make their own candy race karts using graham crackers, icing, gumdrops, small cookies, chocolate candies, and more. Set up a “candy bar” where guests can choose with confections they want to build their karts with. The kids will have fun comparing their race karts once they’re done piecing them together! It’s a good idea to build a race kart ahead of time that can be used as a model for guests.
  • Brick Smashing: Another fun activity is to have guests pretend being the “bad guy”, and let them have fun smashing brick walls! To craft the brick walls, cover cardboard boxes with red construction paper and draw on a brick pattern. Stack the cardboard boxes, and have each guest take turns knocking the boxes down. You can make the game more competitive by timing each participant and seeing how many boxes they can knock down!
Host an action-packed party for your birthday girl with a Wreck-It-Ralph theme. Make it memorable with all the exciting decorations, food, and activities you can incorporate into the theme! Personalize your free Wreck It Ralph online invitation to get started on planning an awesome extravaganza!
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