How to Schedule Free eCards

With a hectic day and packed schedule, it can be difficult to pause for a moment and reflect on everything you need to get accomplished. Now and again an important date is bound to slip your mind until – oops! – it's zoomed right past you. Luckily, there's an easy way to remember these special occasions and schedule digital greeting cards ahead of time so you can celebrate the day of. 

Remember Important Dates 

If you need help remembering important dates, set up Punchbowl Reminders. This free tool offers an easy and dependable way to keep track of important birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Just build your list of dates then receive email reminders so you'll never miss another special occasion. You can even customize when you receive reminders on your settings page. 

How to Schedule an eCard

If you receive an email reminder a week or few days in advance of an important date, you can easily schedule an eCard to be sent at a future date. To start, create an eCard and add recipients. On the Send page, you'll see a checkbox under the Delivery Options heading for Send Later. Check this box to schedule your card to be sent automatically at a date and time of your choosing (make sure to select the correct time zone as well!). Click the Schedule Delivery button and the card will be delivered at the time and date you specified.

schedule-ecards.png 400.44 KB

Schedule an eCard with a Gift Card

If you attached a gift card to your card and have added a recipient, select Send Later on the Delivery screen and set up the delivery date and time.
schedule-an-ecard.png 32.39 KB

Schedule an eCard on the Punchbowl App

When using the Punchbowl app, you will be able to schedule your digital card to be sent at a future date on the Review & Send screen. Once on the Review & Send screen, tap Schedule Delivery.

schedule-ecards-app.jpg 234.2 KB

On the next screen, select the Delivery Date, the Delivery Time, and the Time Zone for when you'd like your card to be sent. When you're ready to schedule your card, tap on the black Schedule Delivery button at the bottom of the screen.
schedule-ecards-apps.jpg 331.08 KB

Now you can sit down whenever you have a quiet moment and take advantage of the ability to prepare your special messages in advance, on your schedule. So next time you get a birthday reminder, schedule an eCard to be sent and forget about worrying!
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