Sesame Street Birthday Cakes

You know you need to make a Sesame Street birthday cake for your child's party if they constantly mention the names Big Bird, Elmo and Grover or if they idolize Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster! Seasame Street birthday cakes have been popular as long as the show itself has been popular which is a good thing for you — it means there are lots of fabulous Sesame Street cake ideas from which to choose. 

Whether you want to make a Sesame Street first birthday cake or a character-inspired cake for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th birthday, these cake ideas will be perfect.

Check out these creative ideas for Sesame Street birthday cakes that you can make yourself or hire a baker to create for you:

  • Elmo Cake: Do an Internet search to find a cake pan designed as Elmo’s face. Purchase the cake pan, cake mix, and frosting in red, black, orange and white. Use decorative frosting tips to apply frosting to the Sesame Street birthday cake. Use white for the eyes, black for the eyeballs and mouth and use orange for the nose. Serve the cake on paper plates with a Sesame Street theme. Or, make a cake shaped as Elmo's body, and use a fun cake topper as the face!

Elmo Cake Topper

  • Cookie Monster Cake: Gather a round cake pan, cake mix, two large marshmallows, a chocolate chip cookie and blue, black and white frosting. Use decorative frosting tips to apply the blue frosting to the cake. Select a tip that will make the frosting look long and stringy, to resemble Cookie Monster’s hair. Choose a top edge of the cake, and put two globs of white frosting. Place the two marshmallows on the two globs of white frosting to create Cookie Monster’s eyes. Squirt black frosting on the marshmallows for the eyeballs. Use a knife to cut a horizontal slit on the side of the Sesame Street cake, under the two marshmallow eyes. Insert the chocolate chip cookie in the slit to resemble Cookie Monster’s mouth. Serve chocolate chip cookies on plates on either side of the cake. As an added touch, you can bake chocolate chip cookies and put them in blue cellophane bags to include in the kids’ goodie bags.
  • Traditional Cake: Bake a traditional rectangular or circular cake. Frost the cake with white frosting. Write, “Happy Birthday Elizabeth,” on the cake. Purchase small, plastic Sesame Street birthday cake characters and place them so it looks as if they are standing on the cake. Or use colorful Sesame Street themed candles to delight guests!

Sesame Street Cake Candles

Remember, if your child has their heart set on another popular character for their Sesame Street birthday cake, do a search for a cake pan for that character. Then use an image of the character as your guide for frosting colors and accent. If you cannot find a specially shaped cake pan, you can always use round cake pans. For example, you can make an Oscar the Grouch cake using a round cake pan, green frosting, and a few accents for the eyes and mouth. You can then use a sheet cake to create the trash can, if you really want to go all out. 

Don't forget to send free Sesame Street online invitations for your birthday party too!

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