St. Patrick's Day Costumes

 Need ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Costumes? Whether you plan to attend a party, a parade, or just go out with a few friends, dressing up makes celebrating St. Patrick's Day even more enjoyable. St. Patrick's Day costumes can be over the top or subtle as long as it is festive and creative. Here are three costume ideas for St. Patrick's Day.
  • Leprechaun: St. Patrick’s day is all about celebrating the luck of the Irish, so dressing up like a leprechaun is the perfect St. Patrick's Day costume! To create this outfit you need to first find the iconic leprechaun green top hat. For the rest of the outfit, you will need a green suit coat, white or green oxford shirt, a green bow tie, high white socks, and green bridges (or green baseball pants), and finally black or brown shoes. To complete the look, wear a fake beard. For a feminine twist on this classic St. Patrick's Day look, wear a green skirt instead of pants, substitute the white button down for a white tee shirt, wear high black heels, and eliminate the beard.
  • Shamrock: This St. Patrick’s Day costume is great for all ages. To make it, you will need to first buy two pieces of large green cardboard, or spray paint plain cardboard green. Next, trace an outline of a shamrock (to fit on the person) on each piece of cardboard and cut it out. Next, you will need a long sleeve green tee shirt and green pants. To complete the outfit, use string or yarn to attach each shamrock together at the top, leaving enough room for it to rest on the shoulders of the person wearing it. Accessorize with shamrock rings, bracelets, earrings, and even face paint!
  • Go Green: If you want to pull something together last minute or prefer to be a little more subtle than a leprechaun, go green! Just gather all of the green clothing you own and put together a solid green outfit. To make your St. Patrick's Day clothes even more festive, accessorize. Items like shamrock necklaces, gold sunglasses, and St. Patrick's Day hats all add to the look. 
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