St. Patrick's Day Games

St. Patrick’s Day games are a great way to celebrate the Irish holiday with kids—and adults, too! Kids love games because they are fun, competitive, and exciting. Parents love games because they can incorporate a learning component to add extra value and help expand kids' knowledge.

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For St. Patrick’s Day games, you can put an Irish twist on many of the classic kid's games to make them suitable for the occasion and fit a party theme. Here are a few games that are perfect to play at a party or just at home while celebrating St. Patty’s Day with your kids.

  • Irish Bingo: Irish bingo is a twist on the traditional game of bingo. All of the rules are the same, but the twist is that the bingo cards have all Irish and St. Patrick’s Day symbols. Also, the markers for the boards are all green. What makes this game easy to play is that you can create it all at home. For the bingo cards, cut cardboard into 6 x 6 inch pieces. Then, find pictures of leprechauns, pots of gold, clovers, rainbows, Ireland’s flag, Ireland, etc. Paste these images on each bingo card in random order (4 x 4 or 5 x 5, depending on the size of your cards). For the markers, simply cut out coin sized pieces of green construction paper. For an added touch, you can cut the markers into little shamrocks.

  • "Pot of Gold" Game: The Pot of Gold game is perfect to play at a party with a larger group of children. It is essentially a treasure hunt, but with a St. Patrick’s Day twist on what the kids are looking for. Instead of just looking for different things hidden in an area, they will look for gold to fill up their black pots. In preparation for the game, you will need to buy plastic black small pots (with handles) and lots of chocolate gold coins. Hide all of the coins in a designated space, give each child their own pot, and let the searching being. The pot of gold game also doubles as a party favors because the kids can take home all of the gold chocolate coins they found and keep their pot of gold.

  • St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: Crafts are the perfect hands-on alternative to competitive kids games. A simple and easy craft for the kids to make on St. Patrick’s Day is shamrock pins. All you need is green construction paper, safety pins, glue, glitter, and other decorative supplies. You can either precut all of the shamrock shapes or let the kids do it themselves. For the younger the kids, it is better to do all of the cutting for them in advance. Then, let everyone decorate their shamrock pin however they want. The best part of this craft is that the kids get to wear it home as a party favor.

  • Irish Musical Chairs: Musical chairs is a traditional party game that all kids love to play. To add a St. Patrick’s Day twist on the game, make it Irish musical chairs. Keep all of the rules the same but play traditional Celtic music. This game is fun because it gets everyone dancing and up on his or her feet.

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