St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

Planning a St. Patrick Day celebration and need inspiration? You don’t need the luck of the Irish to throw a successful bash for your friends and family. Here are few creative, simple, and fun St. Patrick’s Day party ideas that combine some of the classic Irish traditions with a few modern twists.

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St. Patrick's Day Party Invitations

Your invitations set the stage for your party so that your guests know what to expect. Whether you are planning a small gathering with family, a kid’s party, or a large adult event, make sure to send online St. Patrick's Day invitations that incorporate the spirit of the holiday. Customize a design with shamrocks, leprechauns, pots of gold, and lots of green, then send by text or email in minutes. Your festive invitations will add a special touch to your event and get your guest in the St. Patrick’s Day mood early.

St. Patrick’s Day Games

If you're hosting a party for kids, there are lots of St. Patrick’s Day games you can play to entertain them. Games are a great way to encourage the kids to interact with each other and it also makes the party more exciting. A perfect Irish inspired game to play is the "luck of the Irish treasure hunt." You can put your own personal spin on how to play the game, however the rules and set up are very simple. First, make sure you give each child their own “pot” in which to put their gold treasures. Next, hide gold chocolate coins around a designated space. The object of the game is to have each child try and find as many gold coins as they can to fill their pots. Not only is this game fun, but the pots of gold double as party favors for the kids to take home at the end of the party. Check out these other St. Patrick's Day games for inspiration. 

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Costume Party

 Invite your guests to channel their inner Irishman, by hosting a St. Patrick’s Day costume party. Costume parties are always a fun and creative way to get your friends into the spirit of the holiday. Some great costume ideas include a leprechaun, a shamrock, a pot of gold, or an Irishman. To add a twist to your party, have a best and worst costume contest. Everyone at the party can vote on their favorite and least favorite costumes and award a prize to the winner.

Festive Food

Not a fan of traditional Irish food? There are lots of ways you can add a festive touch to your party menu without compromising taste. A simple way to accomplish this is to use green food coloring on everything. For desserts like cookies and cupcakes, use green food coloring in the dough and in the icing for the cupcakes. Since a big part of any St. Patrick’s Day celebration often the beer, you can even serve green beer to your guests in plastic green beer mugs. If you aren’t serving beer, you can make green punch and serve it in a large punch bowl. It will be the focal point for the party!
There are tons of fabulous St. Patrick's Day party ideas once you really start thinking about it. If you incorporate just a few into your party, you'll be able to create a festive atmosphere that is fun and enjoyable for everyone!
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