Toddler Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing a birthday party for your little toddler? Planning a toddler party can be a piece of cake if you're armed with some fantastic ideas to get you started. Here are some age-appropriate toddler party ideas that you can use to plan a celebration that will put a smile your little one's face.

  • Venue: If you love to entertain and have plenty of space for little ones to run around comfortably, consider hosting your toddler party at home. All you need is a few toddler party games, snacks, decorations, and a birthday cake. However, if you'd rather not host the party at your home, explore options at local community centers. Whether you host to party at the local YMCA, your church, or even the Jewish Community Center, chances are they have a rec room with plenty of toys and games that are age-appropriate for your little one and their friends.
  • Theme: Regardless of where you decide to host your party, a theme is always recommended. A party theme provides you with direction and gives the party a cohesive feel. Popular toddler party themes include monkeys, ducks, TV characters, Disney characters, or ABC's. Work your theme into the invitations, party supplies and decorations, and the cake.
  • Menu: When planning your toddler's party menu, keep in mind that there will be both toddlers and parents at the party. Make sure you have a variety of both toddler appropriate food and some things that the parents will like too. Pizza is a good option for adults as well as some of the kids. If you don't want to do a cake, make some pretty cupcakes to celebrate.
  • Games: A toddler birthday party isn’t complete without playing a few toddler party games. Some easy games that are suitable for a toddler party include London Bridges, hula-hoops, duck-duck goose, tag, or beanbag tosses. Keep in mind that toddlers have short attention spans, so the easier the game to play the better.
  • Favors: No party is complete without party favors. At this age, kids appreciate the littlest things so fill a goody bag with fun items like funny sunglasses, stickers, and theme-related action figures.  
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