Top 5 New Year’s Eve Cities

Get ready to celebrate the New Year, and make your plans in one of the top New Year’s Eve cities in the world! Consider New Year’s Eve destinations such as Tokyo, Sydney, London, New York, and Las Vegas.
Visit the best New Year’s Eve destinations, which include:
  • Tokyo: Take advantage of the opportunity to start your New Year’s partying as early as possible, and make Tokyo your destination. Start the celebration on December 29, and continue to party through January 4. Enjoy the local restaurants and clubs, as well as singing, dancing, and fireworks.
  • Sydney: Celebrate the New Year with a visit to the Sydney Harbor for the opportunity to view a beautiful display of fireworks (pictured above). Be one of the millions to experience the midnight fireworks display. Take part in one of the best New Year’s Eve parties and celebrate on a magnificent boat with family and friends. Be sure to reserve a spot on the boat and book your tickets in advance!
  • London: Visit London for the opportunity to see a 15 minute display of fireworks launched off the London Eye. Set up chairs and blankets on rooftops and balconies to see the beautiful display of fireworks from your home or hotel. For a better view, make reservations at one of the best rooftop bars in London, or go to Westminster Bridge or the north embankment of the River Thames for a closer view. Add a romantic twist to New Year’s and take a cruise on the river. For additional entertainment, spend the rest of your New Year’s in a pub, club, restaurant, or even at the theater.
  • New York: Spend your New Year’s in the US, and plan to ring in the New Year in Times Square. Witness the well-known Times Square ball drop. Prepare to arrive early and be sure to wear warm clothing. Celebrate with a night out on the town and spend your evening at a Times Square bar, club, or restaurant. As an alternative, rent a hotel room in Times Square and enjoy watching the ball drop from the comfort of your own room.
  • Las Vegas: Head to Vegas to celebrate New Year’s Eve this year. Take part in the party on the Las Vegas Strip and view the fireworks displayed over all of the hotels. Enjoy light and sound shows in Vegas. Make your reservations in advance as New Year’s is Las Vegas’ busiest night!
Plan your New Year’s destination based on those who will be in attendance. Offer the option for young kids to spend New Year’s in Orlando and visit Disney World. Make New Year’s Eve unforgettable and look forward to the New Year ahead.

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