Under the Sea Birthday Party

Bring the ocean and all of its creatures to life in your living room (or the venue of your choice) with an under the sea birthday! An under the sea birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate with your child’s favorite underwater creatures and have a whale of a good time!
 Dive into the fun with these under the sea party ideas:
  • Invitations: Browse the selection of themed online invitations from Punchbowl to find a design that complements your under the sea motif. Include invitation details such as the name, guest of honor, date, time, and location of the event. A fitting choice is this whimsical Little Mermaid online invitation:
    BlogImage_LittleMermaid_3.png 637.97 KB

  • Decorations: Make or purchase under the sea decorations for the birthday party. Purchase fish, seahorses, starfish, and seaweed from your local party store and hang them from the ceiling with fish wire. Cover the tables with an under the sea theme as well. Place blue tablecloths on the tables to represent water. Use two clear tablecloths or shower curtains to craft some decoration. Place the two tablecloths or shower curtains on top of each other. Cut out patterns similar in shape and size to lily pads. Glue the edges together to create a seal. Leave a small space to fill your lily pads with water, glitter, and plastic fish. Seal the rest of the edge with glue. Scatter the under the sea party decorations on the tables. Place pieces of decorative coral on the table. Create fish bowl centerpieces filled with rocks, water, and live fish. Decorate the room with streamers; crepe paper; and blue, white, and green birthday party balloons to create an underwater ambiance.
  • Cake: Purchase an under the sea birthday cake from your local bakery or bake one yourself. Bake a rectangular birthday cake. Frost the cake with light blue frosting. Create waves at the bottom of the cake with dark blue fondant frosting. Cut small dark blue circles out of fondant and place them on the top portion of the cake for bubbles. Bake fish, starfish, seahorses, and seaweed sugar cookies. Decorate the cookies and stand them up on the cake for a 3D effect. Eat and enjoy!
  • Favors: Send the children home from the birthday celebration with cool under the sea party favors. Purchase beach pails and shovels. Fill the beach pails with bubbles and sand toys. Personalize the pails with the names of the children on the front in silver metallic marker.
 Enjoy the under the sea birthday celebration and keep an eye on the kids to make sure they don’t swim away!
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