Valentine's Day Party: Pink & Red

A fun and eye catching theme for a Valentine’s Day party is to revolve everything around the colors pink and red. This color combination is well known especially on this holiday, so play it up as much as you can at your party! A pink and red themed party is great for kid's or adult Valentine's party. Choose ideas from the ones listed below that fit your Pink and Red Valentine’s Day celebration.

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Valentine's Party Invitations

What else would you use to invite guests to a Pink & Red party besides a pink and red invitation? Punchbowl has a number of online Valentine's party invitations that would be perfect for this occasion. Customize your favorite invite, deliver by text or email, and easily manage RSVPs online. Also, a key part of the party revolves around asking guests to wear pink and red to the party. Make sure you make this clear on the invitation! 


Set up small glass dishes or vases of varying heights filled with red and pink candy like M&Ms, sweet hearts, lollipops, or mints. Tie each vase with a red or pink ribbon to add an elegant touch. You can also set up beautiful flower displays of red roses, pink lilies, or white daisies at your party. Cut out large letters from red and pink construction paper that spell out “Love”, “Cupid”, and “XOXO.”  Hang up these signs around your party venue. If you really want to go all out, roll out red or pink carpets, hang up pink streamers or light strings, and frame doorways with red curtains. You can also tie groups of three or four balloons together near doorways or on the backs of chairs. Don’t forget to add a few red and pink heart-shaped balloons into the mix as well!


Another great place to incorporate your pink and red Valentine’s Day party theme is with the food menu. Some great red and pink food items that you could serve at your party are pasta with red sauce, salmon, shrimp, hot dogs, or ham. For drinks, serve red fruit punch, strawberry milk, and pink lemonade. If there are going to be adults at your party you could also serve cosmopolitans, strawberry martinis, and red sangria. Some great red and pink dessert ideas are red velvet cupcakes, strawberry ice cream, and chocolate covered strawberries.

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  • Activity #1 - Dress Up: Have a table or large chest full of pink and red sunglasses, beads, boas, and hats for your guests to wear during the party. Have a camera ready to snap some great pictures!
  • Activity #2 - Name That Tune: Make a playlist of songs that incorporate red or pink into the name or lyrics. You can use the playlist to play Name that Tune later during the party. Play a short snip-it of the song and have the guests guess who the artist is and what year the song came out. Some great song ideas for this game are “Little Red Corvette” by Prince, “Geek in the Pink” by Jason Mraz, "Lady in Red" by Chris de Burgh, "Red, Red Wine" by UB40, and the Pink Panther theme song.
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