Vampire-Themed 21st Birthday

Vampires are everywhere right now! Not literally, but with the popularity of vampire books, tv shows, and movies, it's no wonder that vampire birthday parties are more and more popular! If you know someone who's really into vampires, consider creating a truly memorable event by combining a vampire theme with a 21st birthday party.

There are so many creative, fun, and creepy vampire-themed 21st birthday ideas to make the party unique. Here are few easy and distinctive vampire inspired ideas to help you achieve an unforgettable 21st birthday party.

  • Invitations: Stick with your vampire theme all the way through. That means telling guests about the theme when you send your invitations. Include a brief description of the theme so your guests know what to expect. Also, make sure that your design looks vampire inspired. To achieve this pick colors such as red and black for your invitation, envelope, and text colors. You can also find fonts like are spooky and add a great touch, as well. Finally, do not forget to include that it is a milestone birthday somewhere on your design. No doubt, friends will make an extra special effort to be there for the guest of honor's 21st birthday!
  • Decorations: Ideas for 21st birthday party decorations are endless. It is really up to you how much you want to incorporate your vampire theme, but here are a few great ideas. The first is to make posters to hang around your party space that state either a vampire fact or a way to ward off a vampire. For example, "Garlic wards off vampires" or "vampires love blood."  To create ambiance, light lots of candles and dim your lights (candleabras add to that Dracula-like feel). You can even get a smoke machine if your party space permits it.  Finally, if you really want to go over the top with your 21st birthday party decorations, make your own coffin. It can act as a centerpiece for your party and definitely impress your guests.
  • Flowers: Any party is not complete without flowers. Here is an easy way to incorporate flowers into you vampire-themed 21st birthday celebration. Buy either real or fake red roses. Display half of them in vase around your party.  For the other half, remove all of the petals and discard the stems. Place the petals on your tables for an elegant but still spooky touch.
  • Birthday Cake: When brainstorming 21st birthday celebration ideas, birthday cake is always the most import topic. For a vampire 21st birthday cake, buy or make red velvet cake topped with vanilla icing. To add the vampire flare, use red icing for any letters and also use it to create fake blood drops on the cake. For the “21” topper, make sure that it is either red or black.
  • Signature Cocktail: A fabulous 21st birthday party idea is to have a signature cocktail for the event. With the vampire theme you can create a cocktail that is red to look like blood to serve to your guests. This vampire martini recipe is perfect for the occasion. Also, offer a non-alcoholic red punch for guests who are not drinking.
  • Favors: Complete the vampire theme with a favor for your guests: fake vampire teeth! Guests can wear them at the party and take them home as favors. 

With so many vampire-themed 21st birthday ideas, planning the celebration should be effortless. You can be as over the top or subtle as your want. Just remember to keep the guest of honor in mind when making all your blood sucking vampire inspired party planning choices.

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