Sweet Pea 1st Birthday Party

Food names often double as terms of endearment. You may call your loved ones pumpkin, peanut, buttercup, muffin, cupcake and sweet pea. Sweet pea makes an adorable 1st birthday party theme for your child!

Here are some quick ideas for your sweet pea party planning:
  • Decorate with lovely sweet pea plants. The sweet pea is very colorful and fragrant and has a casual, beautiful look.
  • Customize a baby-tee that says “Sweet Pea” on the front. You can have your baby wear the t-shirt for the party and give them out to baby guests as party favors.
  • Although a different type of pea, blow up lots of green balloons and let them float lazily around the floor. The kids will joyfully try to capture the “peas” with their tiny hands.
  • For great 1st birthday party flavors that are appropriate for adults at the party, give a packet of sweet pea seeds to grow on their own. Write a personalized note or saying, “Children, like seeds, grow with love, warmth and attention” and tie with a pink and green ribbon.

Take these ideas for a sweet pea party and run with them. Focus on the flower, but you can also accent the flowers with pea pods and peas, particularly in your menu (ie in your salad, mixed in with pasta, etc.)

                                            1st Birthday Cake for a Sweet Pea Theme

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