8 Reasons to Send Digital Christmas Cards

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With the Christmas season fast upon us, you may still be debating what to do about your holiday cards this year. Traditional Christmas cards require time and money to create, print, address, stamp, and mail. And don’t forget about mailing time! This year, consider beautiful digital Christmas cards instead. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider switching from paper to digital.
  • Beautiful designs: Choose from hundreds of beautiful digital holiday card designs. Our handmade art collection features designs that use a variety of artistic techniques like chalkboard art, watercolor, illustration, etc. There is something for every design aesthetic. 

  • Customizable: Free Christmas eCards are fully customizable! You can upload a picture with ease, include a typed message to recipients, and even add a heartfelt video that recipients will see when they view your holiday card. You can also customize the finishing touches such as the envelope liner and stamp to make your card really stand out and pop!
  • Personalize for everyone: Unlike paper cards where you order one batch and everyone gets the same card, digital makes it easy to send Christmas, Hanukkah, Chrismukkah cards or whatever holiday you like! You can send a specific card to each of your recipients and/or feature a unique message in each. That way each recipient can receive a beautiful card created just for them this holiday season.
  • Get the kids involved: Have the kids help you choose from our large selection of Christmas eCards. Let them choose the card design, help you pick out which photo you will use, and record your family video. This can be a fun family activity and a way for the kids to put their own personality into the card that you will share with friends and family.
  • Include a gift: Digital cards are a great way for you to send your recipient a gift without the hassle of going out to the store! You can easily add a gift card from a brand they’ll love and send it instantly. A simple gift like this will be sure to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones, especially during this holiday season!
  • Save time: When you make the transition from paper to digital cards, you will save so much time! Traditional holiday cards can be a hassle that may end up taking hours to days to complete. Digital Christmas cards can be created and sent in just minutes! 
  • Schedule: When you send digital greeting cards, you have complete control over when your cards are sent AND delivered! You can create your holiday cards at any time and schedule them to be delivered at a later date and time. Simply schedule your card in advance so it’s ready to go and one less thing you’ll need to worry about later. 

  • No limits: With digital holiday cards, you can send them to as many people as you’d like without having to limit who gets a card. Have you in the past had to cut people from your list because you didn’t have enough paper cards or stamps? With digital Christmas cards that is a problem of the past. Send your digital holiday cards to everyone on your list! 
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