Baby Einstein Birthday

A Baby Einstein 1st birthday party has become an extremely popular theme among parents. Baby Einstein is known to help curious children learn to appreciate music, art, and nature. Here are some great ways to make your baby’s first birthday educational and fun for all who attend:

  • Invitations: Invite your family and friends as well as other parents and their little “wunderkinds” to celebrate your baby’s first birthday! Send out Baby Einstein birthday invitations to let them know the important details of the party.
  • Decorations: Baby Einstein is well known for its brightly colored themes including red, green, blue, and yellow. Incorporate these colors into balloons, streamers, and other party decorations. This party theme should also incorporate a variety of cheerful animals and critters. Print out pictures online or use some small animal stuffed animals or Baby Einstein puppets to decorate the room. Another great idea for this party theme is to attach helium balloons to stuffed animals and place them on tables as a centerpiece. You can also get a variety of Baby Einstein party goods including plates, napkins, balloons, tablecloths, and other festive party supplies to help decorate the room. Hang up a banner that says “Welcome to [Name]’s Baby Einstein 1st Birthday Party!”
  • Food/Drinks: Plan your food menu based on who will be in attendance at the party. If there are going to be a lot of younger children at the party, cook up some macaroni salad, mashed pototes, and yogurt. For the older kids and adults, serve sub sandwiches, pizza, burgers, etc. Have plenty of water, soda, juice, and milk for your guests.
  • Cake: A Baby Einstein cake is one of the most important elements of a one year old’s birthday party! If you are feeling creative, bake your own Baby Einstein caterpillar cake! To do this, bake five small cakes in circular cake pans and 4 cupcakes. In five separate bowls, mix vanilla frosting with green, pink, purple, blue, and yellow foot coloring. Frost each of the larger cakes with a difference color frosting. Frost the cupcakes with the remainder of yellow icing. Then, place the green, pink, purple and blue cakes next to each other in a line on a serving plate to make the caterpillar’s body. Place the yellow cake slightly above the blue cake to make the head. Then, place the yellow cupcakes in the bottom spaces between each of the larger cakes to make the caterpillar’s feet. Use Oreos to make the eyes and Twizzlers to make the mouth and antennae on the caterpillar’s face.
  • Activities: If there will be other children in attendance at your baby’s first birthday celebration, have plenty of Baby Einstein games, puppet shows, and sing-a-longs to keep them entertained during the party. Some good examples are Baby Einstein Piñata, Dance and Shake, and Puppet Ball.
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