How to Plan a Super Hero Party

If your child is a superhero fanatic, a super hero party is a great alternative to a typical birthday celebration! Between decorations, party food and activities, the superhero party theme will have the kids laughing and having a great time. Don’t forget to have the camera ready to snap some pictures! Here are some great ideas for how to throw a great superhero birthday party that all of your child’s friends will marvel at!

Superhero party ideas, superhero birthday ideas

  • Invitations: Send out superhero invitations to your guests to let them know the details of the birthday party. You could also personalize the invitations by having your child dress up as their favorite superhero and putting it on the invitation! Browse a wide assortment of Disney-themed digital invitations at!
  • Decorations: For the entranceway to the party, hang up spiderwebs and a sign that says “Welcome to Gotham City.” Hang up streamers and balloons in superhero colors (red and blue like Super Man and Spider Man, perhaps?) all around the room. You can also hang up posters and drawings of superhero characters. Other superhero party decorations include action signs like “Zap!”, “Pow!”, and “Bam!” as well as posters that say “No villains allowed” and “No passage for Jokers or Green Goblins.” You can be as fun and creative with your superhero party decorations as you want to be and use a combination of purchased party supplies and homemade decorations and posters. Punchbowl's Shopping Aisle also has Superman and Spiderman party supplies for a themed hero party.
  • Food/Beverages: Mix up some super hero punch for your party guests with fruit punch, pineapple juice, and sprite. As for the food, stick with your super hero color scheme. Incorporate it into the snacks and cupcakes that you can customize with various super hero emblems.
  • Activity #1 - Facepainting: Paint your birthday party guests’ faces to make them look like superheroes! Use famous symbols like superman, batman, wonderwoman, and spiderman to paint on their cheeks or across their whole face!
  • Activity #2 - Superhero Transformation: Another great super hero party idea is to have a variety of superhero costumes at the party for the kids to dress up in and transform themselves into superheroes! Get black fabric to make capes, felt to make belts, and material to make masks. Depending on the amount of time you have to get things ready for the party, you can also buy these costumes in a store or online.
  • Activity #3 - Obstacle Course: Set up pillows, chairs, and sofa cushions to make an obstacle course for the kids to climb, jump, and crawl through to catch a super villain. Time each of the kids as they make their way through the course to determine the winning superhero!
  • Activity #4 - Kryptonite Hot Potato: Have the children sit in a circle shoulder to shoulder. Tell them the story of Superman and how if he got too close to the Kryptonite he lost all of his superpowers. So if they don’t want to lose their Superman powers too, they have to pass the Kryptonite (a small green ball) around the circle as fast as they can. Play music in the background and when the music stops, whoever is holding the Kryptonite must exit the circle. Keep playing until there is one player left and then they can be named Superman!
  • Party Favors:  Fill up goody bags for your little superheroes to take home. Some ideas are toy superhero figures, comic books, stickers, flashlights, and silly putty.
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